How to Make Perfect Pork Dumplings

Whether you're looking for a light appetizer or a whole meal, these savory pork & ginger dumplings will satisfy either way! Chef Matthew Grunwald shows you how to make this staple of Asian cuisine with only a few simple ingredients! Full instructions below! 1) Peel & mince 1 1/2 Tbsp Fresh Ginger 2) Add Fresh Ginger to 1 lb Ground Pork 3) Crush, unwrap, then thinly slice 2 Cloves of Garlic 4) Using side of knife, paste the sliced Garlic & Add to Pork 5) Thinly slice 1 Bunch Green Onions (Scallions) 6) Season with Freshly Cracked Black Pepper & Salt 7) With your hands, mix all ingredients 8) Work with 5-7 store-bought Wonton Wrappers at a time 9) Spoon 1 Tsp of the Filling to the center of each Wrapper 10) With your index finger, rub Water along the edges of each Wrapper 11) Seal Wrapper by pinching sides working from the inside out 12) Cook Dumplings for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on each side 13) Add 1/4 Cup of Water then cover with a second Pan for 2 1/2 minutes 14) Dice 3-4 Green Onions (Scallions) 15) Add 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce 16) Add a Drop of Sesame Oil 17) Add Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 18) Add Black Pepper & Stir 19) Sprinkle chopped Green Onions on top of Dumplings