Drink This Cure-All Bone Broth

We get our hands (and faces) dirty as we dive in to one of Belcampo Meat Co.'s signature juicy burgers as well as sipping on their super-healthy cure-all bone broth, which local celebs swear by!

Dropping a Beat for the Chili Burger

YH hits up a Los Angeles landmark, Carneys on Sunset, for one of their famous chili burgers -- it's so good it inspires us to bust out into a rap!

Where Tom Cruise Can Eat a Burger in Peace

Savoring the delicate and delicious flavors of The Golden State in L.A., a place where even the likes of Tom Cruise can enjoy a burger in peace -- but he's far from the biggest celeb who has eaten there!

Double the Bacon, Double the Cheese

Classic flavors get a new spin at Plan Check in L.A., whose Chefs Favorite Burger can get a bit messy but it's so worth it!


Sampling the regional flavors of L.A. Italian hotspot Il Fornaio, like their mouthwatering pennoni alla vodka dish.