Inside Martha Stewart's Favorite Chateau Marmont Restaurant

The Chateau Marmont hotel has been a part of the Hollywood skyline, sitting atop its hill above Sunset Boulevard and catering to the rich and famous, since the 1920s. Here, Hollywood legends are born, but on an average day, the Chateau and its restaurants serve its exclusive clientele passing through their doors. One such establishment is the Chateau Hanare, a converted bungalow on the property featuring authentic Japanese cuisine in a homey, authentic Japanese environment. Young Hollywood heads there to speak with the restaurant's owner, Reika Alexander, to find out how the venue came to be and why it's a favorite of discerning celebrities like Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. She gives us a demonstration on how they prepare some of the restaurant's signature (and most Instagram-worthy) dishes, and chef de cuisine Eijiro "EJ" Nagano prepares a delicious dessert! Itadakimasu!